Planning Is The Missing Key To Fast Weight Loss

When it comes to your diet, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not what you eat or drink every day. It is not even the fact that you may skip two or three of your morning workouts every week.

The biggest hurdle to fast weight loss is failing to plan out all aspects of your day before you actually start it.

Failure To Plan Journal

Guess what happens when you don’t plan. As soon as you get in a situation you did not plan for, you will usually take the path of least resistance. That is most likely going to result in eating off your diet or replacing your workout with a trip to the mall or a movie.

Imagine you didn’t plan your lunch today so you didn’t pack it. You didn’t even bring any healthy snacks. A co-worker invites you out to the nearest fast food joint. Just about that time your belly starts grumbling about missing your mid-morning fruit snack.

Since you had not planned or even brought along anything to eat you accept the invitation. Before you know it, you are staring at half a mound of fried mystery meat and two sides of macaroni and cheese. Afterwards you are wondering how you finished it all.

That is not the way you will get to your ideal weight.

No Cake No Way

It is said that “failing to plan is planning to fail”. That is definitely true when it comes to dieting and exercise. Now get out your pen and some paper and start planning to lose weight fast.

Start by planning your meals. Deciding what to eat and how often you will eat will go a long way towards avoiding the vending machine and fast food restaurants.

Check your social calendar often. If you know you have an upcoming lunch or dinner to attend, go online and get the menu ahead of time. Make your healthy food choices before you get to the event. Most places should have one or two options that will work with your diet.

Go ahead and plan your snacks and drinks for the day as well. This will keep you away from the soda machine and all the sugary snacks in the office lounge. I drive to work every day so I pack a small cooler with healthy drinks like water with lemon and green tea. I also throw in some good for you snacks like fresh fruit and nuts. Not only does this keep me on my diet but it saves money too.

Make Time for Exercise

Once you have your meals planned out it is time to plan your exercise. Try to get your workout done as early in the day as possible. If you can get it done before breakfast you will do several things. First, you will have gotten your workout in before most people have even gotten out of bed. Second, you will kick your fat burning furnace into overdrive by working out before you eat. Also, you will start your day with positive momentum by completing the first thing on your to do list for the day.

Don’t forget to plan time to sleep. Most people will ignore this one but you  must make time for this in your plan. It is  vital that you get adequate sleep to support your fast weight loss program. New studies are showing that lack of sleep is a growing epidemic. This problem is associated with obesity, poor judgement, impaired driving and several health risks.

Start getting more sleep by knowing when you need to get out of bed and count seven or eight hours backwards. That is when you should plan to go to sleep. If you can, add 30 minutes of “electronics free” time before you turn in to help get a good night of sleep.

Grumpy Kitty Needs More Sleep

Making a plan and sticking to it will be a key part of your diet plan.

Now get planning and start losing weight!

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